SilverStone GD04 brings some style to the HTPC

by Rafael Hernandez on December 10, 2009 · 0 comments

SilverStone GD04 HTPC caseHTPCs should, in a perfect world, fit in with the rest of the components in your home theater. They tend to get a little over sized when you opt for features or compromise on the design.

The SilverStone GD04 keeps things classy with its MicroATX format suporting layout and sleek black design. Ninjalane has the review:

The front of the SilverStone GD04 has a classic brushed anodized finish and is very similar in style to a high end stereo component. The front is only disturbed by the minimum of components, featuring a easy access front panel with two USB and output for headphones as well as a mic input. On the right side near the bottom you will find square power and reset buttons as well as a small HDD activity light.

It’s difficult to fault its look and its cooling capability is top notch.

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