SilverStone SG04B-H gives you a handle on your mATX rig

by Rafael Hernandez on November 20, 2009 · 0 comments

SilverStone SG04B-HThe micro-ATX formfactor used to receive much less respect than its full-sized brothers, and who could blame case manufacturers for releasing sub-standard designs when the motherboards were underpowered.

The SilverStone SG04B-H micro-ATX case gives the platform a whole new level of respect with some tasteful styling and an integrated handle should your next build be used for LAN gaming duties. TechwareLabs has the review:

While small form factor pc cases may not always be the in the highest demand, SilverStone defiantly didn’t skimp on the quality in favor of just creating a case that meets the form factor specifications. The SG04B-H is a beautiful case that was designed with a great attention to detail all the components fit neatly within the case, the SG04 even takes your dual graphics card monster of a system and fits it nicely within the brushed metal exterior.

Sleek, stylish, and small..they’ve got the bases covered quite nicely.

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