Sony VAIO Z Z11Z9E/B Laptop sports some potent hardware

by Rafael Hernandez on May 26, 2010 · 0 comments

Notebooks aren’t the playground of the enthusiast because there’s no real room to tinker with the guts of a machine so it’s up to the manufacturer to come up with some compelling features. They’ve done just that.

The Sony VAIO Z Z11Z9E/B Laptop can be configured with solid state drives in a RAID0 configuration for some impressive file handling capability. ITShootOut has the review:

Apart from the Full HD screen the biggest news for this year’s refresh is the RAID0 SSD drives that most of the new Z’s come with. In this particular model the drives consist of two physical drives, each outfitted with 2 x 64GB SSD drives – meaning it contains 4 x 64GB SSD drives in a RAID0 setting. RAID0 takes these four physical drives and makes them into one logical drive of 256GB – something which has a dramatic effect on performance. Read speeds are in the 500-600MB/s region – and overall performance is Roadrunner-like (meep-meep).

Thankfully the rest of the hardware is up to the task as well so you have yourself a nice portable gaming workstation.

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