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Xigmatek’s Centauro 1000watt power supply isn’t big on fancy details; instead it approaches the challenges of providing a steady and efficient supply of power to your PC like a workhorse. Aside from its all black casing and massive fan to cool the PSU’s innards you’ll manage your system’s cabling quite nicely due to its modular […]

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PC Power & Cooling’s Silencer MK III 600W power supply brings together a number of helpful features that make it a nice option for those of us that enjoy a bit of quiet while using their machine. The biggest benefit to the PSU is its reduced noise output which they achieve by using a single […]

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Power supplies aren’t exactly a hot topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind but they sure do come into play when you’re trying to get your beefy new multi-GPU, six-cored CPU, rig up and running. The Cooler Master GX 750W Power Supply provides ample amounts of power for your next system build and does so […]

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Getting a high-end system going is getting quite a bit more difficult given the extreme power needs that top end PC hardware requires and when you finally find a power supply that can reliably provide energy to your gear the thing makes more noise than you can imagine. The Cooler Master Silent Pro M 1000W […]

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While those 1kW power supplies sure are snazzy to look at the truth is most computer systems can work just fine with a PSU with a much lower wattage rating. The Zalman ZM500-RS sports a, by comparison, meager 500Watt rating but you do get 80 PLUS Bronze certification for energy efficiency and the whisper quiet […]

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