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Once you start throwing a whole host of network terms at a normal person you’re bound to be met with blank stares and a whole lots of head nodding. So go the easy route and set them up with a SIIG Wireless-N Router which sports an easy to setup browser-based interface with only the stuff […]

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Wireless networking has been a boon to laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, and just about any computing device having come down the pipe over the past 5 years. Of course there are those that wish to extend the radio waves into some interesting new territories. Atheros and Wilocity are working together in order to combine the […]

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Home routers come in all shapes and sizes which is somewhat annoying since I’d rather stack them and keep them out of the way so there’s no need for anything but a squared off box with some blinking lights. I guess this is for those that design their networks around their gear. The TRENDnet TEW-691GR […]

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The whole concept behind WiFi service is being able to get online where such a service would make sense such as a hotel or a coffee shop while you whittle away the hours sipping your fancy drink. Then again sometimes you don’t have such luxury. The TRENDnet TEW-654TR Wireless N Travel Router provides 802.11n connectivity […]

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers got around to creating a final standard for the 802.11n wireless communications protocol last week which means you’re bound to see a deluge of companies claiming their hardware supports the final Wireless N…

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It’s tough to match the flexibility that Nvidia’s ION platform offers. It takes the lowly Intel Atom processor, pairs it with a power friendly system chipset which sports a moderately competent graphics core built-in, the perfect combination for media playback.Zotac’s…

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Wireless routers can be about as exciting to people as watching paint dry but if you’re the type of person that enjoys speedy and reliable wireless Internet in your place of business the Draytek Vigor 2930n might be the device…

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