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Computer manufacturers have a nasty habit of creating product lines with coding schemes that leave guessing games for most customers up until they decide to read the spec sheet…which probably won’t help the majority of users either. Thankfully it’s hard to miss the Acer Aspire AS8943G notebook on a store shelf since its 18.4″ LED […]

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There’s something quite monolithic about a no-nonsense PC case and the Acer Aspire M3400-U2052 takes it to extremes. This budge conscious machine is ready to handle your multimedia tasks with its peppy AMD Phenom II X4 820 processor and a pedestrian ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card pushing a respectable number of pixels to your […]

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Gaming PCs have become something a little more kinder and gentler over the years so as not to scare off those that want simple aesthetics and are scared off by the more eccentric designs. The Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222 cares nothing about your reservations and revels in its over the top looks as well as […]

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It’s somewhat difficult to innovate in the laptop segment, after all there’s a limit on how slim you can go before you start losing the thing between the couch cushions. So for inspiration some developers go to great lengths to bring new ideas to the mobile PC user. The Acer Aspire AS5738DG sports a 3D […]

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Most laptops shoot for one of two extremes: the cheap route which, while usable, doesn’t exactly offer inspired performance and the high-end gaming option which is a bit extreme in most cases and isn’t the most portable of devices. The Acer Aspire 5738PG combines a solid processor choice in Intel’s Core 2 chip and AMD’s […]

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Seeing a high end brand labeled on products outside of their market usually means you paid more for that cologne or set of luggage…in other words nothing of value was added. This changes things a bit. The Acer Ferrari One Netbook switches things up by piling on some spirited hardware into an extremely tiny and […]

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Google’s Android operating system is moving off of the cell phone and into the netbook thanks to the efforts of their manufacturers and eWeek’s Don Reisinger thinks it has the capability of snatching a good chunk when it comes time…

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It’s not an easy task tracking down a netbook preloaded with Linux on it, and while you may be technically savvy enough to load it yourself there’s just something nice about a computer working right out of the box.The TechZone…

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There was a time when a network attached storage system would cost you an arm and a leg….and a foot. On top of it all the tiny expensive box usually came bare adding to the cost of entry.Enter Acer’s Aspire…

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Nvidia’s Ion platform has had all of the makings of a great option for a compact and energy efficient machine, so good in fact one wondered if it’d ever see the light of day. Well wait no longer as Acer…

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The early netbook releases saw some extremely bland designs from manufacturers rushing to place their products on the market and claim their share. Since then companies have been slowly introducing designs meant to catch consumers eyes and the Acer Aspire…

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