techETA Driver Database Goes Live

by Rafael Hernandez on April 28, 2011 · 0 comments

After a considerable number of sleepless nights we’re proud to present to you our very own driver repository. The techETA Driver Database is designed to get you the finest in hardware drivers for almost every conceivable PC device out there… or at least for the ones we can find anyway. The Database will see periodic massive updates, the hope is to see bulk updates once or twice a week, while new features, such as Device ID and plain device name search, are working their way into future revisions.

Ease of use? We’ve got it! The database is structured so that you can find what you need easily. For instance:

If you needed a driver for your Network Adapter which is powered by an Atheros chip well you’ll be there in a few clicks. Then again you might just need a driver for your Intel HD Graphics running under Windows XP 64bit… yep that was an easy one to find too.

If you have any questions you can pop on to our FAQ page but it’s all self explanatory.

So poke around and have some driver finding fun!

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