The Nvidia nForce 980a SLI, Same As The Old One

by Rafael Hernandez on April 24, 2009 · 0 comments

You’d think that the renaming old products as new scheme would get quite a bit old but given the shere number of computer buyers out there and the general level of knowledge needed to keep up with the changes…well you’re likely to get confused.

The Inquirer writes of the latest renaming shenanigans covering NVIDIA’s “new” nForce 980a SLI which is nothing more than a rebranded 780a chipset. It’s a bit harsh:

Yup, Nvidia did it, they slimed out another renamed product, just like
we said. Differences this time? Nothing as far as we can tell, they
just flashed the BIOS, redid the chip markings, and added 200.
Ironically, 200 is the series that the new, really, we mean it,
honestly, please believe us, please please please, G92 renamings are
using. What coincidence.

If you’re seeking a current state-of-the-art chipset for your next AMD build you just might need to go with the competition.

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