Thermaltake Element T PC Case keeps things simple

by Rafael Hernandez on February 22, 2010 · 0 comments

It used to be that you could easily find some garish looking PC cases from even the most popular and well respected manufacturers. Hideous things that featured enough multi-colored LEDS on simultaneously to make for a trippy experience. Thankfully they’ve toned down their designs.

The Themaltake Element T keeps its design nice and classy looking while still offering plenty of airflow and expansion space. Tweaknews has the review:

The angled I/O panel features the customary audio ports, two well-spaced USB 2.0 ports and the reset and power buttons. Not exactly what one would call full-featured, the I/O panel will get the job done for most users, but those wanting FireWire or eSATA on the front panel will have to look elsewhere for a case. The buttons and audio port surrounds are red in color, in keeping with the red LED fan on the top of the chassis, and the HDD activity and power LEDs are also red and backlight the buttons.

A slick and simple design which should handle just about any new PC build.

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