Thermaltake Element V Computer Case dials in the airflow

by Rafael Hernandez on March 8, 2010 · 0 comments

With gamers and enthusiasts jamming increasing amounts of computing power into their PCs there’s an even greater need for lots of airflow in a computer case. Your graphics card may exhaust hot air out the back and the same may go for your CPU cooler but there are plenty of other chips that need to be cooled in there.

The Thermaltake Element V Computer Case sure does offer plenty of mounting points for fans as well as a built-in fan controller to keep the noise in check. Hardware Bistro has the review:

One of the significant cooling features of Thermaltake Element V is this dual 200mm air vents. Although only a single 200mm cooling is included at the top panel of Thermaltake Element V but it is good enough to pull out the heated air from the chassis which is mainly generated by the CPU. However if extreme cooling is really needed then an additional 200mm cooling fan can be manually added.

Now to wait for some 200mm radiators to pop up for some extreme water cooling.

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