Thermaltake Element V PC Case cleans up the facade

by Rafael Hernandez on February 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Computer case manufacturers tend to gum up the front of a design with all manner of USB ports and power buttons and LEDs despite the fact that many computer users keep their PC at floor level making any sort of stretching to plug in that cord a hassle.

Thermaltake’s Element V moves most of the buttons, dials, and ports to the top of the chassis allowing for easy access. PureOC has the review:

The front of the Element V lacks any sort of door that we saw on the Element S tower, though there is a fully-meshed front bezel that runs the entire height of the case and is easily pulled off without any fuss.  This will certainly help with ventilation and airflow into the case.  There are dust filters inside the bezel, easy to remove and clean.  The front bezel incorporates one 120mm intake fan, located in front of the hard drives, aiding to help cool the hard drives. It’s too bad it’s not a 200mm fan like we’ve seen elsewhere.

Plenty of airflow to be had as well, hope you enjoy dusting things.

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