Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler is keeping it cold

by Rafael Hernandez on April 12, 2010 · 0 comments

High end CPU coolers tend to go for quite a bit of heat dissipation power so you’re bound to see quite a few heatpipes and plenty of fins to go along with them but the ever increasing trend is towards multi-fan setups to get some real airflow through its fins.

Thermaltake’s Frio CPU Cooler possesses all of those fine attributes in a pleasing to the eye package which should lead to some good cooling performance. DragonSteelMods has the review:

The Frio is a heavy cooler so that’s why we’ve got the back plate as opposed to the push-pin style mounts. I like the CM Storm Sniper case not only because there’s a lot of room, but because the motherboard tray is cut out to make switching CPU coolers easier. If you’re case isn’t like that then you’ll need to remove the motherboard from the case making installation take a lot longer.

Par for the course with most high end coolers but the results are more than worth the hassle.

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