Thermaltake FRIO CPU Cooler plants itself at the high end

by Rafael Hernandez on May 10, 2010 · 0 comments

You’d expect for companies following the same heatsink design features to come up with top of the line products but there’s some magical voodoo at work when it comes to top-end cooling.

The Thermaltake FRIO CPU Cooler managed to sneak into the high end of the heatsink market and will likely stay there, at least until someone manages to cram more heatpipes and fans into their designs. Hardware Bistro has the review:

For a skilled user, the whole installation process should not take up more than 30 minutes including removing the old cooler for the system. However Thermaltake FRIO is a 1KG weight giant cooler, please ensure all the fastenings are well secure; double-check, triple-check else it might break the motherboard into pieces.

It’s not a serious heatsink until you worry about snapping your motherboard in half from its weight.

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