Thermaltake LUXA2 LM300 Touch Pro wants your interaction

by Rafael Hernandez on January 10, 2011 · 0 comments

When you hear the term Home Theater PC visions of ultra sleek and high end technology no doubt spring to your mind but the sad fact is most implementations, while very functional, lack that wow factor that you expect. The Thermaltake LUXA2 LM300 Touch Pro HTPC case integrates a 7″ touch screen display to give your home theater that decidedly futuristic look that’ll make you the envy of…whoever looks at your component rack.  Then again as impressive as it is you can’t exactly reach it from your comfy couch so you’ll eventually just rely on your remote again and use the display for more rudimentary tasks like status updates and other mundane things.

Thermaltake LUXA2 LM300 Touch Pro HTPC Case @ Real World Labs

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