Thermaltake V5 MicroATX Case offers more drive bays than you’d ever need

by Rafael Hernandez on May 24, 2010 · 0 comments

The trend towards offering a ton of 5.25″ drive bays has lead to quite a bit of flexibility for fan and hard drive mounting…and anyone with a huge selection of optical drives to lug around.

The Thermaltake V5 MicroATX Case can be whatever you want it to be with plenty of air flow options and a handy carry case if you’re into the whole LAN gaming scene. Hardware Bistro has the details:

Thermaltake V5 is fully painted in black for both of the exterior and interior panels which is pretty suitable for most of the gamers since it looks cool and anti-corrosion is not along an issue. Although Thermaltake V5 is an entry chassis but it still comes with a pre-cut opening on the motherboard plate for easier CPU cooler installation with back plate.

It’s little touches like that which make some case manufacturers more endearing than others.

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