Toshiba Satellite T130 Notebook slims down to a bare minimum

by Rafael Hernandez on June 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Toshiba Satellite T130 notebookAs much as a netbook or tablet is a portable workhorse’s dream when it comes time to do some real work you’ll want yourself a reasonable resolution and a keyboard that won’t get in the way of your words per minute.

The Toshiba Satellite T130 Notebook does away with the optical drive and embraces its slim figure sporting a peppy Intel Core Solo U3500 CPU to maintain some impressive battery life. t-break has the review:

Based on the 1.4GHz Intel Core Solo U3500 CPU along with 3GB or RAM, the Satellite T130 is a lot more zippier than your average netbook which you will see with the benchmarks posted a litlte later in the article. Our test version came with a 250GB hard drive that was split into two partitions. The Intel GMS 4500MHD powers the graphics that, along with the HDMI output, allows for easy playback of high-def videos. As expected, BlueTooth and WiFi are included, however, Toshiba chose to include the older 802.11g based WiFi instead of the newer 802.11n based adapter.

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