Toshiba T6UG1XBG Solid State Drive Controller powers…SSD drives

by Rafael Hernandez on January 22, 2010 · 0 comments

Solid State Drive performance depends on quite a few factors but the biggest tends to be the controller driving all of the individual memory chips. A good controller is needed in order to keep data moving for the best possible performance.

Benchmark Reviews has a look at the Toshiba T6UG1XBG Solid State Drive Controller found in the Kingston SSDNow V SNV325 drive:

The Toshiba T6UG1XBG processor used in this architecture article was taken from the 3rd generation Kingston SSDNow V+ Solid State Drive. This is the same control board used in the recently announced Toshiba HG2-series SSD (THNS512GG8BBAA), and both share firmware version AGYA0201 with identical NAND construction. The Toshiba T6UG1XBG SSD controller is a 43nm part with native TRIM support, and offers a maximum rated read speed of 230MBps and write-to performance peaking at 180MBps.

Quite nice but some controllers able to max out SATA 6G would be nice.

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