Tuniq Propeller 120 CPU Cooler follows a familiar old path

by Rafael Hernandez on April 27, 2010 · 0 comments

While a great big tower heatsink would appear to be the best choice for your next system build they tend to overlook airflow to some of the important components on your motherboard like its chipset and voltage regulation modules.

The Tuniq Propeller 120 CPU Cooler takes some of the old fashioned design ideas and works in some modern flairs which make it an interesting heatsink. Hardware Secrets has the review:

According to the manufacturer, the “V” shape is inspired on the mighty aircraft carriers. Here you can see the four 8-mm heatpipes. Since there are two independent heatsinks, each tip of each heatpipe is connected to one heatsink. The fins are not plain, but with some rugosity in order to achieve better heat transfer.

I don’t quite understand the aircraft carrier bit but four 8mm direct contact heatpipes and jagged fin profiles sure does speak to me.

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