USRobotics USR5638 propels you into the future of dialup

by Rafael Hernandez on August 26, 2010 · 0 comments

Sometimes, as consumers, we think we’ve rid ourselves of technology that has outlived its usefulness but in some regions of the world, and yes even our very own country thank you very much communications companies, there is no affordable alternative to dialup. The USRobotics USR5638 PCI Express 56K modem offers up a really fast interface to an antiquated service. Still it’s difficult to find any ISA slots anymore and PCI slots are also becoming increasingly rare so this V.92 compatible card will last you at least until some viable broadband alternatives come rolling through your neck of the woods. It’ll set you back a modest MSRP of $30USD and should be available now through retailers.

USRobotics 56K* V.92 PCI Express Faxmodem (PCIe) @ USRobotics

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