Utility Spotlight: CPU-Z

by Rafael Hernandez on July 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Utility SpotlightCPU-Z

Developer: CPUID
Usage: System Information Gathering
CPU-Z Website

Cracking open a computer to take a look at what’s inside is a tedious task and completely undoable for most people. The majority of operating systems offer a basic amount of information on how much RAM is installed or what sort of processor and speed it has but sometimes extra details are necessary.


CPU-Z gives you relevant information on your Windows computer’s processor, memory, and motherboard giving you some valuable insight into the guts of your computer. The program displays information on:

  • CPU name, socket type, instruction sets supported, and operating frequency
  • Motherboard manufacturer, chipset, and BIOS version
  • Memory speed and latency timings

And many more interesting tidbits of information so you can further troubleshoot or seek out more information on your computer.

We use it to make sure systems are down-clocking to lower powers states automatically and to see if overclocking attempts are actually meeting clock speeds the BIOS is displaying. It’s a must have for any utilities toolbox you might maintain.

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