Utility Spotlight: techPowerUp GPU-Z

by Rafael Hernandez on August 3, 2009 · 0 comments

Utility SpotlighttechPowerUp GPU-Z

Developer: techPowerUp
Usage: System Information
techPowerUp GPU-Z Website

We’re fans of the single use utility. Something built around the premise of handling a simple task and presenting you with exactly what you need when you need it. Knowing exactly what your system is capable of is an important part of a software, alright…game, buying decision so why not find out what sort of graphics device you’re running. It’ll help you make that informed Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade decision.

techPowerUp GPU-Z

techPowerUp GPU-Z does for your video card what CPU-Z does for your whole system. The software is designed to probe your graphics card and figure out:

What make and model you’re running
Your video card’s potential performance
Its current operating speeds and default speeds
DirectX version support
Your system’s graphics card interface support

And much more.

The software has a section that, if your graphics card supports it, will read your video card’s temperature sensors letting you know if anything untoward is going on with your graphics chip. You may want to skip running that function while playing 3D titles though as some cards don’t like being probed while it’s busy making your games all pretty.

As for how it’ll help make your Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade decision, the operating system supports quite a few graphics cards but graphics chip manufacturers are starting to distance themselves from supporting DirectX 9 with their driver updates moving many products into a legacy support status so that they can focus on DirectX 10 and the upcoming 11 based products.

A great, and free, tool to help you decide on an upgrade path for your graphical needs.

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