Utility Spotlight: Zero Assumption Recovery

by Rafael Hernandez on September 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Utility SpotlightZero Assumption Recovery

Developer: Zero Assumption Software
Usage: Data Recovery Software
Zero Assumption Recovery Website

Sometimes, through no fault of your own of course, things tend to go south really quickly on your storage medium due to the slip of a finger or yes even seemingly random corruption creeps up on you rendering your data unreadable. There’s usually a number of steps that go along with such a disaster anger, doubt, fear, and finally acceptance…fortunately there’s at least one last utility you can try that tries its darndest to recover your precious files.

Zero Assumption RecoveryZero Assumption Recovery is an insanely powerful piece of software that will scour your hard drive or flash drive for your previously deleted or corrupted files and attempt its best effort to recover any usable data. It can be used to attempt recovery of:

RAID setups
Formatted drives
USB memory sticks and camera flash memory
Drives with Master Boot Record damage

As well as a number of other common issues frustrated computer and gadget users tend to run into. I’ve used it with good success on formatted media and “unrecoverable” flash storage in the past and its performed much better than other solutions floating around the net.

A full version of the software will set you back $49.95US, although they do run a nightly discount, but the software’s digital picture recovery for flash memory is completely free which is nice if that’s the only thing you need it for.

It’s not free but I haven’t found a more powerful recovery tool. Your only other choice would be to go for a professional data recovery service at their, relatively, absurd rates.

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