VIA VX855 Media System Processor, Energy Efficient HD Playback

by Rafael Hernandez on March 12, 2009 · 0 comments

VIA’s portfolio of products doesn’t get all that much attention now-a-days but the company’s latest product may change things. The VIA VX855 Media System Processor combines an integrated graphics chip, audio capabilities, and a memory controller for the company’s Nano and C7-M CPUs all in a very power-friendly package. Here’s a look:

The VIA VX855 Media System Processor (MSP) is a power efficient, highly integrated all-in-one chipset that addresses the key requirements of today’s small form factor and mobile PC systems.

For the first time, the VIA VX855 MSP offers full hardware acceleration of the widest variety of leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-2/4, DivX and WMV9, allowing smooth playback of high bit-rate 1080p HD video. The advanced video decoding capabilities, when coupled with the media system processor’s small physical size and a thermal design power (TDP) of a mere 2.3 watts, open up exciting opportunities for power efficient small form factor and mobile devices; especially the mini-notebook PC segment that will now be able to offer true 1080p HD video playback.

Should make for some interesting netbook designs.

Source: Press Release

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