VidaBox SLIMv3 vCase3 goes the mATX HTPC route

by Rafael Hernandez on April 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Considering how big of a market home theater computers have become it’s a little strange to see how it’s difficult to find case options that are both simple looking and compact. It seems like it’s up to the smaller brands to step up to the plate.

The VidaBox SLIMv3 vCase3 MicroATX HTPC case manages to trim down the space it takes up and still manages a rather well laid-out design. MADSHRIMPS has the details:

The vCase3 front is made from black brushed aluminum without any LCD/VFD displays. On button and a reset button plus 2 leds for power on and HDD activity. If u use this HTPC case you mostly connect it to a LCD/LED TV/Display and all info will be on that. More important is how it looks together with your receiver/amplifier or any other products to get the sound/video going. Keeping it simply fit most perfectly as long those are black.

A slick HTPC case option for those short on space.

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