Western Digital Advanced Format Technology cuts down on the overhead

by Rafael Hernandez on February 28, 2010 · 0 comments

Technologies tend to incorporate certain safety mechanisms in order to keep things working properly but as time goes on those early additions tend to spiral out of control and may require tweaking from time to time.

Western Digital Advanced Format Technology, found in the WD10EARS, attempts to improve on drive performance while removing a good chunk of the overhead required to keep a hard drive in tip-top shape. HotHardware has the review:

Western Digital isn’t lying about the efficiency benefits of a 4K sector drive, but the company can use that space in a number of ways. Smaller platters are one option, larger storage capacity is another, and removing the innermost tracks of the platter is a third. This last contains an extra bonus—because read and write speeds are typically reported as an average, knocking off the slowest tracks would make the hard drive look  faster in a benchmark without actually changing performance at all. For now, WD isn’t claiming that Advanced Format delivers any particular advantage and AF drives aren’t carrying much of a premium, if any.

They may not claim any performance benefit but a “green” drive keeping up with the company’s performance model is impressive indeed.

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