Western Digital TV Live Plus could be confused as a storage drive

by Rafael Hernandez on July 20, 2010 · 0 comments

Getting your digital media to your PC has been a difficult proposition over the years but, thankfully, there are more software and hardware options that enable that easy media viewing your after…heck you don’t even need a bulky and energy draining “home theater PC” to get the job done anymore.

The Western Digital TV Live Plus Media Player looks just like one of the company’s external hard drive enclosures but its guts are capable of much cooler things. The device will play media off any USB drive or stream files off of your network via its handy Ethernet port and play back 1080p content over its HDMI port. It can play back just about any content you would ever have in mind and even includes Netflix streaming for those of you with a need to watch movies from your couch.

Western Digital TV Live Plus Media Player with Netflix Streaming @ Legit Reviews

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