WHDI promises to help you hide that unsightly PC

by Rafael Hernandez on October 28, 2010 · 0 comments

Getting a PC hooked up to your large screen TV has become quite easy over the years but there are those that want an extremely powerful gaming computer which doesn’t exactly fit into a living room, what with its extremely loud fans and all, besides which it’s probably already tethered to a couple of monitor for other productive uses anyway. The Asus WiCast and brite-View HDelight WHDI transmitter kits allow you to broadcast a high definition audio and video signal from your HDMI capable PC to your HDMI capable home theater. A range of 30 feet, and a wireless keyboard and mouse later, you’ll be streaming videos or playing the latest and greatest gaming titles from the comfort of your couch without too much of an outlay in equipment costs. A reasonable proposition by any measure.

WHDI Kits Explored: Asus WiCast, brite-View HDelight @ HotHardware

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