Windows 7 and 24GB of memory, whole lotta play space

by Rafael Hernandez on January 29, 2010 · 0 comments

The benefits of a 64bit operating system are quite clear when you’re dealing with massive amounts of information. It allows for native support of large amounts of memory which your carefully crafted applications can address and make full usage of.

BCCHardware has grabbed 24GB of DDR3 memory and tested Microsoft Windows 7’s ability to cope with a large amount of RAM:

It wasn’t that long ago that 4GB of memory was a lot of RAM in a system and some crazy people were considering 8GB of memory for high-end 64-bit systems.  Recently, Crucial launched 4GB and 8GB memory modules that allow more people to be able to load up their systems for some serious multi-tasking applications.  We will be briefly looking at two pair of 12GB kits in our test system that gives us 24GB of memory to play with.  This is a pretty solid chunk of kit and it will currently set you back close to $1,000.  The interesting thing to see is if we can bog down a system and make it bleed.  We will be running a few benchmarks as well as some gaming while we have the system loaded in order to find the breaking point.

A worthy upgrade for those virtualization users out there and, well, anyone that uses a large chunk of system memory for a task.

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