Windows 7 Offers Protection from those bad guys

by Rafael Hernandez on September 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Windows7_logo.pngMicrosoft has made some effort into buttoning up Windows 7’s security model compared to Vista which should see the operating system as the most secure Windows version to date. DailyTech delves into what the changes mean for users and some of the side benefits XP Mode brings to the table:

Many malware programs will also be crippled by XP-Mode.  This is because in the past Windows security software has used hardware virtualization extensions to detect malware.  It is common practice for malware to be written to not run on machines where hardware-assisted virtualization is detected.  However, as all Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate licenses come with XP Mode, this malware won’t run on a large portion of Windows 7 installs.  Modification is possible, but this will be time consuming and frustrating to attackers.

Given the amount of absolutely malicious software floating around out there that targets XP operating systems a move to Windows 7, or any other secure operating system, are sure to cut into botnet activity and other fraud…as long as the end user doesn’t willingly install the stuff that is. Yeah we’re all doomed anyway.

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