Windows 7 passes Vista usage rate, taking candy from baby still more difficult

by Rafael Hernandez on August 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system was designed to be everything that Vista wasn’t. It was executed with an attention to detail rarely seen in most software today (aside from the fine fruit company) and has quickly gathered a large user base thanks to its forward looking feature set.

How popular has it been? Well it surpassed Vista in usage rate…ok that isn’t all that difficult for 7 to pull off since Vista did have a rocky trip since its own launch made frustratingly maddening by awful third party drivers, a security model that wasn’t exactly user friendly, and a set of processor and memory intensive background tasks that were left on by default.

At any rate NetMarketShare has Windows 7 usage at 14.46% of all things computing that access the Internet while Vista trails with 14.34%. One wonders how long it will take for Vista to disappear completely.

Windows 7 Passes Vista @ NetMarketShare
via: CNET News

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