Windows 8 improves system recovery options

by Rafael Hernandez on January 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is going to minimize the pain when you, or some nefarious character that isn’t you, have to recover your machine’s OS from whatever mess it happens to be in. The company will be rolling out “refresh” and “reset” options on Windows 8 that will get you back up and running in no time.

Reset will clear your PC of all data and re-install your Windows 8 copy leaving you with a fresh environment to work with. It might sound like your usual fresh install but it would seem that there’s no loading of DVDs to be done making it a bit easier on end users and OEMs that don’t particularly want to maintain those restore discs they create for their pre-built machines.

As far as refresh goes it’ll install a new copy of Windows 8 as well but it’ll keep all of your data and settings which will save you precious time instead of having to look through your backups.

Refresh and reset your PC @ Building Windows 8 Blog

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