WPA No Longer Safe?

by Rafael Hernandez on October 12, 2008 · 0 comments

Recent work by Elcomsoft seems to indicate that the security research firm has managed to harness the power of the GPU in order to crack WPA and WPA2 keys used to protect wireless networks. The processing performance increase from using graphics chips has allowed for a 100-fold speed improvement that could see passwords compromised. Here’s more from Security and the Net:

With the latest version of Elcomsoft Distributed
Password Recovery, it is now possible to crack WPA and WPA2 protection
on Wi-Fi networks up to 100 times quicker with the use of massively
parallel computational power of the newest NVIDIA chips.
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery only needs a few packets
intercepted in order to perform the attack.

The 100-fold increase in speed is achieved with two GeForct GTX280’s per workstation; for €599
you can build a network of 20 workstations dedicated to “recovering”
your “lost” WPA keys. This means that a WPA or WPA2 key could be
cracked in days or weeks instead of years.

Who knows, someone’s key might even be hacked within our lifetimes.

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