Xigmatek Bifrost VD1065 HDT VGA Cooler does the direct heatpipe contact on your GPU

by Rafael Hernandez on December 3, 2009 · 0 comments

Xigmatek Bifrost VD1065Direct heatpipe contact was something of a simple solution that showed quite a bit of a performance gain when heatsinks with the technology popped up for processors…it’s about time they brought it to video cards.

Benchmark Reviews has a look at the Xigmatek Bifrost VD1065 HDT VGA Cooler and its 5 heatpipes which will whisk away heat quickly…at least that’s the plan:

Now we are looking at the real business end of the cooler, the H.D.T. area, all the above features wont count for much unless the contact area can effectively take the heat away. The problem with heat pipes resides where the gaps between them and the aluminium are, Xigmatek have done a reasonably good job here – The area where my GPU comes into contact with the heatpipes doesn’t have any gaps. The contact area isn’t mirror polished or overly smooth bit it is ground quite fine. Some might say it needs a better finish but I have to disagree, as you will see later in the results section, this cooler performs really well despite the finish.

Impressive performance overall considering it doesn’t use an insane number of fins to do its cooling.

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