Zalman VF2000 LED Hybrid Cooler has a tough time deciding what it is

by Rafael Hernandez on May 12, 2010 · 0 comments

Cooling hardware tends to have well defined boundaries so as not to stray and allowing the manufacturer maximum flexibility when designing a product. Some people just hate to be so limited.

The Zalman VF2000 LED Hybrid Cooler is designed to handle CPU or graphics card cooling tasks which, as you might expect, is a very nifty feat. Hardware Secrets has the review:

Because of its great looks and excellent construction quality, at first we thought it would perform better that other low-profile CPU coolers we’ve tested, but unfortunately this proved to not be true. It performed worst than all other CPU coolers we tested to date at full load (except for the Intel stock cooler). At least it has a low noise level.

Then again they did test on a quad core beast of old, it should work quite nicely as a low-profile cooler on HTPC friendly CPUs.

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