Zune's Social, Now With Profanity

by Rafael Hernandez on July 13, 2009 · 0 comments

Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics

I’m not one to call for censorship, half the music I have loaded on to my own MP3 player is of the sort the music labels stamp with profanity warnings, but Microsoft might want to work something into their Zune social setup.

Their website’s auto generated content consists of information on what members are currently listening to which can lead to issues where song titles may offend people’s sensibilities. (image after the break)

It’s not that I’d expect this to be a major issue given the limited number of “listening now” titles on display but with number of overly sensitive types out there you wouldn’t want to scare off prospective customers now would you?

Zune profanity

If you’re in need of a clearer view go on and click the image.

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